November 28, 2022

SEC Outlines Priorities in FY 2022 - 2026 Strategic Plan

The SEC finalized a strategic plan detailing priorities for fiscal year 2022 through fiscal year 2026. The strategic plan focused on three objectives.

First, the SEC said that it would continue to "protect the investing public against fraud, manipulation, and misconduct." The SEC stated that it would prioritize enforcement and examinations initiatives relevant to retail investors, expand the use of big data to detect and enforce against misconduct and modernize disclosure requirements.

Second, the SEC said that it would "develop and implement a robust regulatory framework that keeps pace with evolving markets, business models, and technologies." The SEC said that it would do so through coordination among regulators, updating rules to reflect novel technologies and business models, identification of systemic and infrastructure risks, and prioritizing investor outreach, particularly in underserved communities.

Third, the SEC said that it would support diversity, equity and inclusion in recruiting and promotion.

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