SEC Identifies Priorities in Draft Strategic Plan for FY 2018-2022

The SEC proposed a "draft strategic plan" detailing the agency's priorities for FY 2018 through FY 2022.

The plan was drafted pursuant to the Government Performance and Results Modernization Act of 2010, "which requires federal agencies to outline their missions, planned initiatives, and strategic goals for a four year period." The SEC invited public comment on the plan.

The strategic plan sets forth the following goals and priorities:

Focus on Retail Investors

  • Improve understanding of how investors access capital markets;

  • Improve education and outreach efforts;

  • Prioritize enforcement and examination initiatives relevant to the protection of retail investors;

  • Streamline disclosure requirements; and

  • Expand the investment options that are available to retail investors.

More Effective Deployment of Agency Resources

  • Keep pace with evolving technologies and markets, including by increasing the monitoring of clearing and settlement, and of electronic trading;

  • Adjust outdated rules;

  • Ensure that market participants are adequately managing cybersecurity risks; and

  • Enhance internal training to improve preparedness and emergency response capabilities.

Improvement of Analytics and Human Capital Development

  • Cultivate a skilled and experienced staff;

  • Make better use of data and analytics in setting regulatory priorities and allocating resources;

  • Improve the usage of data in enforcement and the deterrence of market misconduct;

  • Improve internal cybersecurity risk management capabilities, including by establishing a Chief Risk Officer position; and

  • Enhance collaboration across SEC offices and departments.

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