December 23, 2010

Core Principles and Other Requirements for Designated Contract Markets

CFTC Dodd‑Frank Rulemaking

The CFTC is proposing new rules and amended guidance and acceptable practices to implement the new statutory provisions enacted by Title VII of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act that, among other things, amends Section 5 of the CEA concerning designation and operation of contract markets, and adds a new CEA Section 2(h)(8) to include the listing, trading and execution of swaps on designated contract markets. The proposed rule takes up 66 pages of the Federal Register.

Document Number

75 Fed. Reg. 80572


December 22, 2010

Cross Reference (links require a Cabinet subscription)

Dodd-Frank Act, Title VII, Secs. 723, 733, 735

New CEA Secs. 2(h)(8) 5h(a)(1)

17 CFR Parts 1, 16, and 38