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SEC Delays Compliance Dates for Form N-PORT Filing

The SEC issued a temporary final rule requiring larger fund groups to maintain in their records the information required to be included in Form N-PORT, in lieu of filing reports with the SEC, until April 2019. Smaller fund groups will be required to begin submitting reports on Form N-PORT by April 2020.

Form N-PORT is to be used by registered investment companies to report information about monthly portfolio holdings to the SEC. Form N-PORT filings will be required for all registered management investment companies, excluding money market funds and small business companies, as well as unit investment trusts that operate as exchange-traded trusts. The rule mandates that such companies report complete portfolio holdings and other information to "facilitate risk analysis and other [SEC] oversight." Form N-PORT will be filed through EDGAR.

The first six months of Form N-PORT filings for larger funds will not be made public. The SEC will also require continued filing of Form N-Q, which was previously rescinded, until the compliance dates for Form N-PORT.

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