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CFTC Acknowledges End-User Issues (Energy Metro Desk) (with Lofchie Comment)

The latest addition of Energy Metro Desk highlights CFTC Chair Timothy Massad's attention to end-user issues.

In an article titled "The End-User Grand Bargain," Energy Metro Desk outlines the recent Energy and Environmental Markets Advisory Committee meeting, stating it "was by far the best event of its kind." According to the article, the meeting seemed to be an "important opportunity" for market participants and CFTC Commissioners to discuss "correcting past rules directed at end-users." The article also notes that one takeaway from the meeting is that a "one-size fits all" rule for hedging accountability was unpopular with speakers at the meeting, especially with end-users that could be affected.

In another article titled "Massad and the End-User Spin," Energy Metro Desk praises Chair Massad for engaging with commercial end-users and notes that he seems to be "genuinely and solidly inclined to ease some burden from this class of market participants." The article compiles a list of Chair Massad's speeches, quotes and "enabled rule tweaks" that involve his position on end-users.

Lofchie Comment: Much of the need for attention to end-users derives from the mistaken notion that regulations can slam the (politically unpopular) sell-side without damaging end-users. But if the law is a seamless web, the market is even more so.

See: The End-User Grand Bargain; Massad and the End-User Spin.