Expert Systems

Expert Systems are automated tools, created by market professionals, that allow you to accomplish a great variety of tasks quickly, in a standardized and controlled fashion, and that are both time- and cost-efficient. The systems also allow you to record the results of your work to demonstrate compliance. Among the tasks for which you can use Cabinet's Expert Systems are:

  • analysis of regulatory questions,

  • checklists of work accomplished or reviews performed,

  • paths to find particular documents,

  • the creation of standardized contracts and certificates,

  • giving and scoring tests, and

  • the creation of a work flow.

You can use the Cabinet's standardized Expert Systems or you can tailor your own. You can use Expert Systems in the cloud or they can be installed behind your server firewall. Data from your internal systems can be safely uploaded into the Expert Systems or you can download data into your own systems.

Here is a very small and very simple example set of Expert Systems:

If you would like a fuller demonstration of how you can use the Cabinet's Expert Systems, please call William Sadd at 212-993-2818.

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