Broker-Dealer Topics

This is a collection of pages on topics relevant to the U.S. regulation of securities broker-dealers, including banks acting as broker-dealers.


Broker-Dealers and Markets

Exchange Materials

FINRA Materials

FINRA: Rule by Rule

Government Securities: Rule by Rule

MSRB Materials

MSRB Rules: Rule by Rule

NASAA Materials

SEC Materials

Broker-Dealer Types

Government Securities and Dealers

Non-U.S. Broker-Dealers / SEA Rule 15a-6

Transfer Agents

Capital and Custody

Broker-Dealer Insolvency

Capital Requirements


Customer Account Transfers

Fidelity Bonds

Financial Reporting

Liquidity Requirement

Subordination Agreements

Withdrawals of Capital and Business Curtailment


Anti-Money Laundering

Business Continuity

Consumer Privacy


FINRA Fair Dealing Obligation

General Anti-Fraud (FINRA Rule 2020)

Holding Customer Mail

Identity Theft

Taping Rule


Supervisory Systems and Certification


Account Transfers

Discretionary Accounts

Handling of Proxies

Investment Brochure

Know Your Customer (KYC)

Prohibition against Guarantees against Loss and on Sharing in Accounts

Recommendations of OTC Equity Securities

Regulation Best Interest


Service Fees

Servicemember Protections



Account Statements

Broker-Dealer and Muni Advisor Investment Brochure

Disclosure of Financial Condition

Disclosures of Conflicts

Extended Hours Disclosure

Form CRS Client Relationship Summary

SIPC Disclosure

Trade Confirmations


Corporate Financing Rules

Electronic Municipal Market Access ("EMMA")


Accounts From/At Other Firms

Borrowing from / Lending to Customers

Continuing Education

Employee Qualifications

Finders, Retirees and Unregistered Persons


Outside and Personal Activities

Personal Account Trading

Sales Contests and Non-Cash Compensation


Customer Complaints; Self-Reporting of Violations

Disqualifications and Waivers

Expungement of Information

Insider Trading

Mandatory Arbitration

Securities Law Enforcement Procedures and Actions




Margin for Broker-Dealers (Regulation T and FINRA Rule 4210)

Margin for Non-Broker-Dealers, U.S. Borrowers and Foreign Lenders (Regulation U and Regulation X)

Protected Financial Contracts

Repo Agreements

Securities Lending

TBAs and the MSFTA


Municipal Securities Materials

MSRB Rules: Rule by Rule

Associated Persons (Munis)

Electronic Municipal Market Access

Muni Advisors

Muni Advertising

Muni Advisor Conduct Regulation

Muni Advisor Registration Requirement

Muni Dealer and Muni Advisor Registration Process

Muni Distribution Procedures

Muni Fair Dealing

Muni Financial Advisory

Muni Offering Disclosures

Muni Recordkeeping

Muni Suitability

Muni Time of Trade Disclosures

Muni Trade Reporting

Muni Trade Settlement and Uniform Practices

Municipal Fund Securities

Oversight of Muni Firms

Quoting Obligations (Muni)

Trade Confirmations (Muni)

Sophisticated Municipal Market Professionals

Supervision (Muni)



Breakpoint Sales and Share Class Issues

Marketing of Funds

Reciprocal Dealings or Shelf Space

Variable Annuities


Index and Currency Warrants

Large Option Position Reporting ("LOPR")

Option Disclosure Documents

Security Futures: BD and FCM Regulation

Security Futures: Market Regulation

Securities Options

Other Products

Callable Securities


Direct Participations

Government Securities

Investment Analysis Tools

Recordkeeping and Reporting

BD and Muni Advisor Record Keeping

Large Trader Reports

Risk Assessment Rules

SEA 13(f) Position Reporting


Broker-Dealer Section 15 Registration Process

FINRA Continuing Membership Application

FINRA Membership Process

Government Securities BDs: Registration Requirement

Networking Arrangements

Separately Identifiable Bank Division


Regulation FD (Fair Disclosure)


Soft Dollars

Sales and Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

BD Marketing of Funds

Breakpoint Sales and Share Class Issues

Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

Gifts and Entertainment; Influencing Employees

Marketing Materials

Marketing of Options

Networking Arrangements

Political Contributions (Pay to Play)

Reciprocal Dealings or Shelf Space

Sales Contests and Non-Cash Compensation



Adjustment of Open Orders


Best Execution

Clock Synchronization and Time Stamping

FINRA Alternative Display Facility ("ADF")

Front Running and Trading Ahead

Introducing / Clearing Arrangements

Issuer Repurchases Rule 10b-18

Market Access Rule (SEA Rule 15c3-5)


OTC Bulletin Board (OTCBB)

Partial Tenders and Short Tendering

Participant Identifiers

Payments for Market Making

Quoting and Trading OTC Equities

Quoting Obligations

Regulation SCI

Trade Allocation

Trading Halts

Short Sales and Positions


Volcker Rule

Trade Reporting

Blue Sheets

Consolidated Audit Trail

Clock Synchronization and Time Stamping

Order Audit Trail System (OATS)

Reporting OTC Transactions in Equities

Trade Reporting and Compliance Engine (TRACE)