LIBOR and Indices


This page is primarily focused on the transition from LIBOR (as well as the other so-called IBORs) and the design of indices to replace it. We are also following other key regulatory developments with respect to the use of financial indices and benchmarks.

The material in the "Find" Section below of this page is generally organized by (i) Regulator or Market Participant on the left and (ii) by Document Type on the Right. Clicking on any of the links will take you to a search page where you can see the relevant documents or you can further filter your search using key words or by using a word search.

The LIBOR Preparedness Team is headed by Lary Stromfeld (pictured below) and includes the following partners and senior attorneys, among others: Jeffrey Nagle, David Burkholder, Sophie Cuthbertson, David Gingold, Jonathan Hoff, Jason Halper, Jason Schwartz, Nihal Patel, Robert Kim, and Jonathan Watkins.'s picture
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Partner, Head of LIBOR Team