Who Let the Data Out?

New York State Passes Bill to Expand Data Breach Notification Requirements
Joseph Moreno Commentary by Joseph Moreno
The New York State legislature passed the "Stop Hacks and Improve Electronic Data Security Act" to enhance cybersecurity protections for New York residents by updating the state's existing data breach notification law.
IOSCO Urges Member Jurisdictions to Use Internationally Recognized Cyber Regulation Frameworks
IOSCO urged member jurisdictions to continue using internationally recognized "Core Standards" cyber regulation frameworks.
Fraud in [bitcoin] markets not only harms customers, but if left unchecked . . . could also hinder innovation.
CFTC Director of Enforcement James McDonald
CFTC Sues Unregistered Trading Company in Bitcoin Ponzi Scheme
The CFTC filed a civil enforcement action against an unregistered UK trading and investment company for obtaining and misappropriating $147 million in bitcoin.
Broker-Dealer Settles SEC Charges of Improper Handling of ADRs
A broker-dealer agreed to settle SEC charges for the improper handling of "pre-released" American Depository Receipts.
SEC Amends "Auditor Independence" Rules Clarifying Debtor-Creditor Relationships
The SEC adopted amendments to the agency's auditor independence rules clarifying debtor-creditor relationships that may impair an auditor's impartiality.

Outside Commentary

Finance Professor Weighs in on Derivatives Market Concentration and Position Limits
University of Houston Finance Professor Craig Pirrong analyzed Commissioner Dan Berkovitz's support for Dodd-Frank reforms that "have in fact likely increased concentration" by increasing fixed regulatory costs for those operating in this sector.