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January 03, 2011

CFTC Final Rule The CFTC is issuing an Order exempting the trading of the following products on national securities exchanges, and the clearing of all such products through the Options Clearing Corporation in its capacity as a registered securities clearing agency, from the provisions of the CEA and the regulations thereunder, to the extent necessary to permit such products to be so traded and cleared: (a) Options on the GVZ Index; (b) Options on any index that measures the volatility (historical or expected) of the price(s) of shares of one or more gold ETFs; and (c) Options on any index that

January 13, 2011

News Article According to a report in InvestmentNews, the Investment Company Institute has asked the SEC to impose an affirmative legal requirement on intermediaries (i.e. broker-dealers) to mitigate the burdens of new requirements that money market fund operators identify risk characteristics to investors. Publication InvestmentNews Date January 12, 2011

February 03, 2011

SEC Release 34-63829 Date February 3, 2011 The SEC announced a civil administrative proceeding against a broker for failing to reasonably supervise registered representatives who allegedly misled customers when selling shares of a mutual fund that "broke the buck." The SEC order alleges that the firm's representatives mischaracterized the fund as a "money market fund, as safe as cash, or as an investment with guaranteed liquidity." Cross References SEC Press Release 2011-36

February 08, 2011

News Article ETF Trends February 4, 2011 According to a recent study conducted by the Agricultural Applied Economics Association, index funds had little to do with the speculative price changes, such as oil prices hitting nearly $150 a barrel, in the months leading to the market crash in September 2008, Strong demand, among other reasons, were the actual causes of the huge price increases. Cross References Dodd-Frank Act, Title VII, Sec. 737

March 23, 2011

SEC No-Action Letter: LCH.Clearnet Limited March 16, 2011 The SEC Division of Investment Management granted no-action relief under § 17(f) of the Investment Company Act to LCH.Clearnet Limited to allow registered investment companies or their custodians to maintain assets in the custody of LCH.Clearnet or an LCH clearing member that is a futures commission merchant registered with the CFTC, for purposes of meeting margin requirements for certain interest rate swaps cleared by LCH. Cross References Investment Company Act § 17(f) Investment Company Act Rule 17f-6