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March 27, 2015

In the latest installment of the Energy Metro Desk series "Drums along the Potomac," editor-in-chief John Sodergreen discusses, among other things, the upcoming Market Risk Advisory Committee meeting, CFTC Chair Timothy Massad's remarks focusing on end-users, and FERC's State of the Markets Report. Mr. Sodergreen discussed CFTC Commissioner Sharon Bowen's announcement regarding the membership of the CFTC Market Risk Advisory Committee, noting that two items on the agenda are: (i) current risk management techniques employed by derivatives clearing organizations to ensure that the appropriate

March 21, 2013

Remarks by Robert Zwirb on last week's decision in the Brian Hunter v. FERC manipulation case, which held that FERC lacked the jurisdiction to prosecute Hunter, have appeared in the Energy Metro Desk . The D.C. Circuit interpreted the CEA's exclusive jurisdiction clause as preempting the authority of another regulatory agency to regulate or bring an enforcement action over a transaction that took place, in the words of the D.C. Circuit, on "a CFTC-regulated exchange." Click here to view the excerpted article. The above excerpt is from the most recent issue of Energy Metro Desk , which is