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Cadwalader Cabinet Launches New Initiative: "Desk-Specific" Portals

Cadwalader recently announced the development of a new set of Cabinet tools for subscribers. "Desk-specific" portals are highly curated and easy-to-navigate web pages devoted to specific regulatory topics and transactions. The first five pages to go live focus on Broker-Dealers, Markets and the Securities Exchange Act, Asset-Backed Securities, SEC and FINRA: Enforcement, Penalties and Arbitration, Securities Offerings, and Issuer Securities Registration and Delaware Corporate Law. Next week, Cadwalader will publish additional topic pages relating to Cybersecurity and Short Selling.

If you're already a subscriber, all of these new pages will be folded into your existing account.

Cadwalader Partner Steven Lofchie said of the new development:

"In the medium term, we expect to offer approximately 200 'desk-specific' topic pages designed to focus on legal, compliance and business areas. Each page will enable you to drill down to exactly what you need to know, and is consistent with our goal of providing advantage through the integration of our legal database, attorney expertise, and compliance and risk-reduction tools."

The Cabinet is both highly curated and very adaptable; it can be deployed out-of-the-box or customized to address firm-specific needs. The Cabinet currently contains over 120,000 documents, including statutes, rules, public laws, no-action letters, regulatory guidance, enforcement actions, and legal memoranda across a broad scope of financial services law. There are also work-assistance tools, including regulatory alerts, compliance calendars, and expert systems.

If you are interested in a demonstration of these pages or would like a general refresher on the scope and features of the Cabinet, please contact Danielle Taylor.