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Cabinet Introduces Suite of Topic Pages on Exemptions from Investment Company Registration

The Cadwalader Cabinet launched 17 new Topic Pages to help subscribers navigate exemptions from ICA registration requirements. Click here to request trial access.

Cadwalader Cabinet "Topic Pages" improve and simplify legal research by providing access to statutes, rules, regulatory guidance, enforcement actions, legal news, professional analysis and practical work tools.

Cabinet Premium is a subscription service that includes an extensive legal database, trusted attorney analysis, and compliance and risk-reduction tools. The site is organized around the following areas:

Change Management

Industry News

Rule Tracking

Calendars and Alerts

Legal Research

Curated Topic Pages

Content Integration

Intuitive Taxonomy



Document Assembly Tools

Expert Systems

Risk Reduction

Compliance Manuals

Enforcement Monitoring

Audit Trails

To learn more about legal issues around ICA registration requirements or the Cabinet, please contact any of the following Cadwalader attorneys: Maurine Bartlett, Sophie K. Cuthbertson, James Frazier, Michael Gambro, Stuart N. Goldstein, Gregg Jubin, Matthew Lefkowitz, Steven Lofchie, Dorothy Mehta, Nihal Patel and Ray Shirazi.

To find out more about Cabinet Premium and how it can enable you to obtain better results more quickly and with less expense, please contact William Sadd at (212) 504-6770 or [email protected].


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