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The regulatory environment is too complex and fast-paced.
Cadwalader built the Cabinet to cut costs, deliver expertise and standardize process.

Change Management

Legal Research


Risk Reduction

"We aim to transform legal expertise into decision advantage."
Patrick Quinn, Managing Partner, New York

Cabinet Premium Bundles

The Cabinet can be deployed out-of-the-box
or we can work with you to customize firm-specific solutions.

Financial Institutions

Topic pages organize legal obligations by area of law, and are desk specific to simplify compliance and standardization. Accessing legal analysis puts attorney wisdom at your fingertips.

Law Firms

Search was designed to be both powerful and natural. The rich content model integrates all relevant government materials and analysis, and the simple book structure was conceived by lawyers for lawyers.

Regulators & Academia

Tracking news, laws, rules, proposed rules, and enforcement actions by activity, entity and product improves research.
Our automated training tools are market leading.

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