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In the legal sector, there is much ado about automating and improving standard procedures. Drawing up stacks of legal
documents by hand is often a pain. Automating such a process would make it easier, faster, and less error-prone. Plus, there’s ever-changing regulation and legislation to keep track of, which can be difficult and time-consuming. How to ensure that your colleagues can always access the required expertise? How to provide your clients with advice 24/7? Centralize your legal expertise in one accessible system.

The expert systems created with the Berkeley Publisher platform allow legal content experts to develop smart applications independently, without any prior programming knowledge. Want to know more about the potential benefits of legal expert systems for your organization? Please contact us.

Centralize your knowledge, improve efficiency, and increase profitability with innovative digital solutions.


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The Berkeley Publisher by Berkeley Bridge

Bridging the gap between legal practice and IT.
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At Berkeley Bridge, we aim to enable legal experts to translate their own specialized knowledge into digital applications. That’s why we developed Berkeley Publisher, a platform for professionals to develop smart applications independently and without training in programming. As a result, Berkeley Publisher allows domain experts to implement their knowledge without consulting programmers or other third parties. Using our software, Cadwalader developed an interactive digital application called 'Accredited Investor'. It allows clients to check whether a potential buyer is an accredited investor.

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