About the News

We try to cover all of the significant legislative and regulatory events affecting financial services and the securities and commodities markets. The general format of the news items is that we provide the published documents, along with a brief description that we intend to be plain and straightforward. For items of significant policy interest, or that may require material action or response by regulated entities, we may provide additional guidance and personal commentary. In all cases, we also try to provide links to related news and to other related documents (some of which is available only to subscribers).

The general philosophy of our news is intended to be consistent with that of I.F. Stone, who said of his "Weekly":

"I tried to give information which could be documented so the reader could check it for himself. I tried to dig the truth out of hearings, official transcripts and government documents, and to be as accurate as possible. I also sought to give the Weekly a personal flavor to add humor wit and good writing to the Weekly report. I felt that if one were able enough and had sufficient vision one could distill meaning, truth and even beauty from the swiftly flowing debris of the week's news." See The Official Website of I.F. Stone at http://www.ifstone.org/index.php.

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Steven Lofchie